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Mubble is the hot new social media craze based on WHERE you are, not WHO you are!

Make posts to your current location and connect with new people who are around you right now as well as interacting with users who have been at the same location before you.

Get either up or down voted by other users based on what you post and build your MoodScore within Mubble. MoodScores make it easy to see who is the kind of person you want to get to know better and potentially connect with as a friend!

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User mood scores

All users of Mubble have a profile which is rated by other users, we call this a “Mood Score”. Simply visit a user’s profile page to either up or down vote them based on their behaviour. These votes add up and give the user an ongoing overall mood score which act as a representation of the user - the higher the score, the better your profile will look - simple!


Met someone and want to keep the party going? No problem! Simply add them as a friend and once they have accepted your request, you are connected and can use Mubble to interact no matter where you are!


Never miss out on a good time again by using Mubble to connect with those around you, any place, any time!

Mubble wants to encourage real interaction so we have our own direct messaging system which you can use to contact other users that you come across whilst exploring your environment. You can message anyone who you can see within your mubble, and any of your connected friends - regardless of where they are!

Use the Group chat feature to set up larger conversations with friends and like minded people.